Amanda + Eben : Hawaii Elopement

There is a certain emotion that washes over me when I get a glimpse of people entering into a new stage in their life. 

Whether they are moving to a new city, getting married, or having a baby they are choosing to leave their old life behind for a new one. 

There is something beautiful about this particular honesty when two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together; it is raw, unfiltered, and real. 

Their smiles are unadulterated, their tears are full of emotions too uncontrollable to contain. 

And their laughter, it rolls of the tongue. 

Change has such a bad reputation, however in this moment when you hear a couple exchange their vows of forever, you actually start to believe in that forever.

Thank you Amanda and Eben for allowing me to capture this special moment in your life. Thank you Rachel of Vintage and Lace Weddings for working with me on this beautiful day. 

Hair and Makeup by Reghan Campbell Rojas @reghanc

Flowers by: Grace Flowers Hawaii @graceflowershawaii

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