Grayson & Austin

A really amazing part of my job is that I get to meet all sorts of wonderful people, from all parts of the world. 

We get to share a few intimate moments in a very beautiful place. 

I met Grayson and Austin in Hawaii. They chose me to do their very first water honey moon session. Grayson and Austin got married on April 22nd and flew to the big island of Hawaii for their romantic honeymoon getaway.

I love seeing my home through new eyes, every once in a while I need a reminder that Home is beautiful. 

I watched as this newly wed couple played in the calm waters. The sun started to peek through the trees on shore and made rainbows in the water. 

This beach is one of my favorites to do water sessions, with its calm bay you can splash and play with a soft bed of sand under the water. 

Grayson and Austin have known each other for many years and you can see the lovingly relaxed familiarity in their interactions. 

Asia YamanakaComment