WE DO: Victoria & Graham

I remember the first time Victoria and I shot together she told me about the most perfect date with the most perfect guy.

She loved how active he was and how he motivated and encouraged her instead of discouraging her.

Years later, I saw from a distance as the two of them got closer and closer. This is when I found out that relationships can be positive and not negative. They can build you up and not tear you down. 

When you are with someone and it is meant to be, no amount of time, space, and challenges can destroy what you have together. If both of you want to make it work, anything is possible. When you are with someone you love, you should want to be the very best part of yourself all the time. And love is so powerful as to make that happen. 

Graham, I am happy Victoria has found someone to love and cherish her the way you do. Never take for granted what you have because sometimes life is short and it is best to not live with regrets. The time we have with people is short, and sometimes things in life cut our time even shorter. 

End all days on a good note.

I ponder on both of the words; love and cherish. The word, love, is used too often and yet not enough, we all have heard this and know it to be true. To cherish something, seems all too out of date, however it means to keep or cultivate with care and affection. This is to nurture and allow something grow abundantly. 

Victoria, this guy is a keeper and never forget to love and cherish him. I know you will.

Thank you for being the most beautiful bride a photographer could have

hair & makeup: @reghanc

Florist: @bluekaidesigns