My name is Asia Yamanaka. 

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am currently based on the west side of the island. 


 Photography has been one of my biggest passions, well…… since I can remember picking up my first Barbie disposable camera. After that I use to tag along on my fathers wedding photography jobs ~ trying to catch the same angles as he would. 

My father was an artist who drew, sketched, sculpted, and created. Of all the things he did I found the most joy in photography. 

My father was an old school photographer who specialized in film and dark rooms. He had finally made it over to digital although I believe film still ran in his veins.

My grandpa also had an artists soul and among his many passions was photography. He could not make his living this way but he definitely saw the world in a different light.  



It wasn't until a few years back when I started to develop this hobby of taking photographs. Then with the end of a failing business venture, Indigo Child Photography started to grow.