It has taken me many years to develop and find my photography style. I have always wanted to see the world in the brightest light, but I have come to realize that I am moody and I see things moodily. My photographs sometimes come out a little on the darker side. 

I love to capture the raw emotions of almost everything. 

I believe that people don't have only one look or one emotion, but they have facets of looks and emotions. A smile can take the form of so many things, whether it is in their eyes, their movement, or in an embrace. 

I usually shoot dark and then edit lighter.

I love dark greens and ocean blues. 

I've come to appreciate grain- it adds so much to an image. 


My father was one of the most passionate people I've ever known. If he could have done what he wanted, he would have been a sculptor…. but he also knew he had to provide for himself and his family. 

He use to say this: 

"There is passion and then there is principle. . . If you can incorporate your passion in your work then do it. . ." 

Since he could not be purely a sculptor, he viewed landscaping as "sculpting the Earth".



I am rarely on the opposite side of the camera but I do know how awkward and unnerving it can be. That is why I try to make this experience as painless as possible. I love to maintain an easy atmosphere full of laughs, smiles, and raw emotion. 

I am not one for always staging the photo, I do love to capture candid moments that make life real. I will however take the opportunity to direct you in the most natural poses possible. 



I am based on the Big island of Hawaii… but let us know where you are located, and we can see if something can be worked out.

I am always open to traveling, so don't be afraid to ask. 



(Senior portraits, maternity, couples, families…)

I would like to get to know you personally. Incorporate your own style and personality into one of our shoots. 

My family styled shoots, are focused on capturing you and your family in action. Watching the children play, or as you adventure around the park, the beach, in your backyard, or if you are more comfortable shooting in your family home.

Again, I can do posed photographs, but what I really want to capture is who you all are together.

For my Maternity shoots I would love to chat and get to know what your inspirations are and the look you want to go for.

Senior Portraits  I am very non-traditional when it comes to these portraits. We will do the standard head shots, however I love to take this time to have fun and be creative. 



I would love to meet you and your husband/wife to be. Let's meet over some coffee or tea and see if we would be a good match. 

I would love to get to know your story and discuss what your dreams for this day are. 

My standard prices for this day are listed in the  page under "photography rates," HOWEVER… every experience is different and we can talk about what exactly you need to make your day special.