Day 2



Bali is magical. Two days in and i am in love with the wonderfully strange and the uniquely different of this island.

Canggu is a small beach town on the island of Bali. It has long stripes of beaches that day in and day out are visited by locals, tourists, and surfers alike. Villas of all different shapes and sizes liter the streets of Canggu. The most hipster shops happen to be situated next to broken sheds and stray dogs. Locals stand and sit on corners pedaling everything from “the best money exchange rate” to handmade goods. Food also differs from cheap to moderately expensive. A blue Volkswagen at a beaches dead end is heard playing loud club music while a man tosses liquor bottles into the air and selling drinks to beach goers. This is the wild west and almost anything goes.   

We drove around on scooters today and venturing further out each day I get a closer glimpse into daily life in Canggu. I have only to control myself from buying everything I first see because there is so much to do and purchase.  

Driving in Canggu is astonishing and leaves me in awe. How can so many people dance such a chaotic dance and yet be so structured and orderly? At this moment in time you might be surprised that I call the driving in Bali structured and orderly. I only mean, driving in Bali is so crazy and out of control that it has become a norm and learned part of life. People expect this piece of chaos and therefore it is a rule and accepted socially. 

Tomorrow is yet another day and yet another adventure.

Asia YamanakaComment