Baby Moon

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderfully special couple and their growing family. 

Coming to Hawaii to have their baby moon before the arrival of their first child, Adrienne, Sam, and I made the trek down the valley of Pololu. I,  had just recovered from a long week of being sick with food poisoning and Adrienne being pregnant miraculously braved the steep muddy trail. Normally the hike down and up does not take very long, but for our little party it was an adventure within itself.

As I drove up to the scenic lookout of Pololu Valley the sky was gloomy and clouds threatened the comings of a sunny day. I sat and stared out of my windshield trying to chew and swallow the last of my browning banana. I felt a twist in my stomach and the ever present sensation to gag... my stomach was still very sensitive about everything I ate. I kept on thinking to myself that I was not ready for this much physical exertion. 

But then I saw behind me in the reflection of my rear view mirror a beautiful rainbow hanging atop the trees. Then above the great ocean expanse I saw the sun burst from behind the clouds and light poured out spilling golden sunshine onto everything. 

The gloomy clouds thus disappeared, swept away by the wind and so with them my doubt. I realized all my hesitation was just mental and that i could do it. 

When I met Adrienne and Sam I could see how beautiful their love for each other was. Sam helped his wife down the steep incline and took the whole trek at her pace. We took many stops not only for her but for myself also, and I witnessed how lovingly he cared for his wife. 

As we reached the bottom of the valley we could see that the day could not have been more perfect. 


Asia YamanakaComment