Day 4


DAY 4 

Love is beautiful when it’s in its most natural and raw state. When people are uncomfortable doing something, yet push themselves to try new things together, this is when you know anything is possible. 


It can be from eating new foods, trying out a new culture, or even taking photographs together. It sounds easy to do a photoshoot with your love and partner, however in reality it can be a terrifying prospect. I respect and understand that taking photographs together is an intimate occurrence that you can only do right when comfortable and content. You may try and force yourself to look happy, but it is easy to decipher real smiles and fake ones. 


Sometimes you must force yourself to be uncomfortable and push yourself out of the box of contentment you reside in to reach a new extent of happiness and acceptance. 


Taking photos is terrifying because it forces you to stare at yourself and not just what you look like but your ability to embrace our flaws and imperfections (even though we might be the only ones who notice them). 


Asia YamanakaComment