Day 5



Day 5


Today was long and not too bad in my books. I met some new cool people, and some old (not physically old) cool people in Bali. 


I enjoyed the sensation of a Balinese massage and I don’t think i will ever get use to the idea of someone waiting on me. Its strange not to have to make my bed in the morning or cook myself breakfast. It will be even stranger going back home to Hawaii and getting use to being my own servant again. 


I visited the wonderful Jungle Room Bali @jungleroombali ( )


It is like being transported to paradise with its lush surroundings,  beautiful joglo’s, and AMAZING POOL. I cannot emphasis that enough.  


All the rooms are so well designed it reminds me only of the mixture of the tropics of Bali mixed with the taste of gypsies. I loved everything about everything, from the half tea cups and dishes cemented into the walls to the hanging chairs in the lobby. 


This lush paradise is well equipped with a juice bar that serves many things and one thing in particular- young coconuts. The staff is excellent and so helpful and sweet.


If you are visiting Bali - a trip and stay at the JungleRoom is a must. 


I met with model - Mina Winkel (@minawinkel) today at the JungleRoom and we shot many brands, including @fusedhawaii and @xixpalms ..


It was a photographers dream come true! 

Thank you to everyone involved!

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